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Characters & Props - Created in Carrara for use in Poser


I'm happy to say I was just awarded the "Poser4U" Award of Excellence :-) I am very honoured :-)

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Welcome to my Poser 3D site. Here you will find many renders and downloads created with or for use in Poser 3D software. I do my best to make as many downloads as possible compatible with Poser 6 (and later) and DAZ Studio.

Check out the new Pathfinder RPG page for character pictures, character descriptions, maps and adventures compatible with the Pathfinder RPG game and other Table Top RPGs.

Some of the older downloads may or may not work with DAZ|Studio I will be trying over the next little while to make all the downloads compatible with Studio. As I get items done I will mark them as "Now works with DAZ Studio" to indcate it has been fixed or I tested it and it didn't need to be fixed. Most of the newest stuff (Download pages 7, 8 and Special) should work with Studio no problem. Also most of the oldest stuff should also work. The stuff in the middle was done when I was changing styles and may not open smoothy in Studio. I will be working over the next couple of months to get them all compatible.

See the "What's New" page for a 640x640 preview of what is new and which download page it is on, you can also download it right from the Whats New Page.

If you click the link at the bottom of the side-bar it will take you to my Gallery at Renderosity, there are no over-laps in gallery images, everything there is diferent from the ones here. Also all my newest renders are on the Renderosity Gallery. (no membership is needed to view the gallery there).

Here you will find custom characters, conforms and props galore on a wide range of themes. I try to keep the props of a general nature so that they can be used by a wider variety of interest groups.

Free downloads are for use in personal work and commercial work. No free item here may be sold as a product, but may be referenced in the readme of a market product in a go here to download "whatever" it goes well with this purchase.

My custom materials are a different matter. If you create a model and use my materials to colour it you may sell the model and include the materials used and alternate possibilities as well.  In such a case credit should be given for the original creation of the materials but I do not require it. Models may also be included as long as it states that it is OK in the readme that came with the download and permission must also be requested.

For massive sets simmilar to my free items check out my market link on the side bar. These set have up to 190 items in them and install at about 75-100 meg each.

Thank you, hope you enjoy the site, mapps

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