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Characters & Props - Created in Carrara for use in Poser

Moon Trike

The first of 3 new freebies available from now to Christmas.
An Original Poser Figure, fully posable with pose files for Mike and Vicky 

This section contains larger downloads

In this section you will find larger downloads that will not last forever. Due to the size they use alot of webspace. Because of this most of the downloads on this page will only be availible while space allows. When I become cramped for space these files are the first to go. :-)

Bridges & Landscapes

For use in poser and DAZ Studio. To give and idea of scale the tiny brown bridges up front are 17.5 feet wide.

Cookies, Plate and Pudding


Food props for you holiday feast. Templates are included for creating your own textures. Poser Pro or later or DAZ Studio.

Lonley Beach

Lonely Beach - Fantasy Landscape 2

This is mine and Richards 5th anniversayr freebie. My first freebie was posted Tuesday, October 14, 2003 1:05 pm this was my Cargo Droid and it can still be downloaded here.

A full scale beach with trees, smll brush fronds, sand, water and sky. No Background photos it is all 100% full 3D environment.

Merry XMAS 2007


Works in Poser Pro or later or in DAZ Studio though it will work best in Poer 6 or later.

Free Expansion to The Bull Kings Throne, no purchase required

Bull Kings Throne Free Expansion

4th Anniversary Free Download


This set contains two parts, clearly marked "FREE" and "Purchase Required"

The Free stuff requires no additional items to work and can be used as is 100% free.

The Purchase Required parts need The Bull King's Throne available in the Renderosity Marketplace, if you have no intention of getting the Bull King set you can jsut throw those two folders away and use the download with out them with no problems.

Limited time XMAS Special

 Wild West Set 5 - The General Store

Normaly this would have been a "For Market Only" item but for a linited time our Newest Market Product is available for FREE! This set consists of 3 zip files, the Base market file, the Addon files and the special review bonus gift (ok you can't actualy leave a review but you get the bonus anyway). This set contains ALL ITEMS shown in the pictures below. The Images below are renders of pre layedout poser files (PZ3 files) and are included in the zips, just unzip, open the PZ3 and you are ready to add your characters and render.

For the rest of the Wild West Serries check out our Renderosity Market (sets 1 to 4) and the "comming soon" sets 6 and 7

Just our way of say thanks to our fans and loyal customers.

Merry Christmas, Mike & Richard (mapps & yesitis3)


This zip contains 9 Dynamic Shirts for Poser 6 Jessi, 9 UV Maps for the Shirts, 4 texture sets (each includss tex, bump and trans, 12 jpegs total) and Material Room sets for appling the textures to the different material groups.

When using these shirts simply load and apply the pose, wehn setting up the simulation set draping to Zero (0) as these items have all been draped for Jessi already in the zero pose. So you must also set the simulation to start in the zero pose. The only exception to this is there is a 10th item included a Poncho for Jessi, they drape has not been caculated for this and it should be set to about 25 drape frames.

Most of my dynamic poses use only 5 frames from the zero pose, so you should be able ot get away with a 5 frame aninmation making these items fairly fast to use since you only need to wait while the computer caculates 5 frames.

SF Raodways

SF style roadways elevated 27 feet off the ground. In poser scale these roads are 27 feet wid and miles long (in the 4 pz3 files) the longest road prop setion is 675 poser feet long.
25 meg zip file - installs to 54 meg of goodies

HoSM Log Cabins

My first anniversay download revised and imporved, for a limited time only.

3rd Anniversary Freebie - HoSM Towers 35 meg zip of goodies
This zip contains everything you need to create medieval towers or more modern stone towers.There are 7 pre-made towers saved in PZ3 format so they can be opened and used as is or you can edit them or create your own towers from scratch using the building blocks contained here-in.
If building your own towers I suggest opening one of the other towers first and checking the values. The magic number in this set is "11.4" each layer is 11.4 feet high and the front and back walls are 11.4 feet from center.

When loading a tower of your own start by loading a floor section, if you don't the walls will seem to be floating in mid air...this is because they are, they "sit" on the floor foundation "ring". Next load your wall sections, start with the door section and turn it to match the direction you want. There are 4 rotations for wall sections to make them line up with the floor. They are 0, 45, -45 & 90 degrees. In all cases this is the "Y" rotation axis value.

The only exception to this is when you load your door Since it has a Door front and a Blank back you may want to rotate it to match any one of the eight faces of the tower, they are 0=Front, -180=Back, 90=Left Side, -90=Right Side, 45=Left Front, -45=Right Front, 135=Back Left & -135=Back Right.

Unlike most M&Y Sets the walls when they load in this set load in pairs. This is because the tower is Octagonal. With the walls in pairs you simply need to rotate them to make them line up with the floors. If the walls were individual sections it would give the tower more diverse possibilities as the cost of reduced ease to use. First off you would need to load twice as many walls and align them, second you would need to rotate them 45 degrees to line up with the floor and then position them at coordinates (x&z axis coordinates) with long decimals to have them line up exactly.

It is much easier this way Load wall section and rotate to position, 0=Front & Back, 45=Front Left & Back Right, -45=Front Right & Back Left, 90=Left & Right. As a rule of thumb to keep the tower looking balanced load matching walls for 0 & 90 and for 45 & -45. This will give you a symmetric tower layout. For example if you load the wall with the Arrow Slot (Wall 1) then load it two times and rotate one to 45 degrees and one to -45 degrees.

The same rule applies to the Railing around the hole in the floor centre. There is a "Gate" section that has a gap for the ladder from the floor below and double sections for each area, a post section and a rail section, this way you can have just posts if you like or posts and rails.

When setting up second and third floors keep in mind the distance of 11.4, load a second story floor and move it to Y axis = 11.4 and it is at the right height for the second floor, do the same with floor ring and the walls and the second story all lines up automaticly. You will find in the wall folder a series of supports. These are not just decoration they a there to hide the seams that occur when the wall sections are assembled. Be sure to load a set of "Supports" for each floor to keep the tower looking neat and finished.

Lastly you will find 6 versions of each wall section. They are all exactly alike except the textures are different. All wall sections ending in 1 are a matched set. So if you use Wall1-1 and Wall7-1 the textures will match on both. No need to lad all the parts and then apply pose mats to get the look you want just choose the texture theme you want and load those pre-textured props. For floors and floor rings they are fewer then the walls in options you will find only 3-4 of each, simply load the one that best matches your tower.

You will also find a chair, stool, table and ladder to flesh out the interior of the tower. There is also matching poses for the furniture and Wall7 (Barred Wall). There are 3 poses each for Mike 3, Vicky 3, Aiko 3, Jessi, James, Freak and She-Freak (poses marked "V3SF" are for she freak). The poses are; Sit on Chair, Sit on Stool and Stand at the Window and hold the bars of wall 7. When using the "Hold Bars" pose load the figure and a Wall7 section use the pose and the character will move to the front wall and grab the bars. Then use the Hierarchy editor to parent the figure to the wall. Then Rotate and position the wall. For example if the wall will be a "Front Right, Second Story window" the Load the wall and the character and pose the character and parent it to the wall before moving the wall. This way when you rotate the wall -45 and move it up 11.4 the figure will go with it and stay lined up with the bars.

Dynamic Cloths - 19 Items + 2 texture sets

In this zip you will find Dresses 1 through 7 and Pants 1 for both Vicky and Aiko 3. For Mike you will find Dresses 2 through 6 and Pants 1. In all cases itmes of the same name are the same model with the same UV Map. So, Dress1_A3, Dress2_V3 and Dress2_M3 are all the same model and all use the same UV Map. To keep it strait I called the Outfits for M3 "Dress" though they have been modified to Robes or Shirts. The whole dress name is just to allow you to match things up. Dress5 is realy a cut-off shirt and Dress6 is also a long shirt. Both are intended to be used with the Pants1, if you are not using the Dress6 with the pants you will want to turn off the "Pants_Fit" morph. This morph flares out the shirt so the pants go under it. With it turned off the "Dress" will cling to the figure. If you are using the pants and a shirt you need to run the pants animation first and make sure under "Collide with" that the shirt is not selected (it's grouped to the chest). The easiest way to do this is to load the pants and run the first simulation. Then load the Shirt and sellect colide with the entire character the pants will automatily be added as a smart prop and the shirt will be ignored for the pants because it is not ever there. This way when you run the shirt animation it will be effected by the folds created in the pants and line up properly. When using the pants avoid using "Drape" as the crotch will droop down further. I have been using them with drape set to 0 on all of the items and I find they don't need it. So this will save you some time too since you can skip the drape frames part. I have found that starting in the zero pose (that is what the cloths are set for) and using 8 frames to get to the pose you want seems to work well every time. Using 5 frames often caused bad creases and more then 8 seemed to be a waste of time. Another time saver is set your display to "as outlines" I found the animation ran as much as 4 times faster if it didn't need to create a preview too. On average my P4 2ghz would do the 8 frame animation in 3-10 minutes. Depending on how extreme the pose was.

The 2 textures included (there are only 2) are both made from faded material so that a "under colour" will show through. This allows you to change the colour of the texture without changing the Texture or bump.

The Dunum texture was made by sticking my realy old beatup Jean Jacket in my scanner and scanning different sections of it the same was done for the Terrycloth except I used an old comforable sweatshirt :-) Hope you enjoy the Textures.

Mapps Dynamic Cloths Set2F

In this zip you will find several outfits for the characters listed above. Outfits with matching names use the same UV Maps such as A3_TubeTopB, Jessi_TubeTopB and V3_TubeTopB all use the same TubeTopB UV Map (Maps posted as seperate download). If there is no matching item for the charater it is because I didn't make one. For example only Aiko has TubeTopA, it just wouldn't fit right on the other two characters, so I made TubeTopC which did work on all three. Jessi has only a few items, if you would like to see more items for Jessi just send me a IM "mapps" (all lowercase) at Renderosity and request more items for Jessi and I will make more for Jessi. I currently don't use her, in making this set was the first time I had realy used her at all. Since I don't normaly make stuff for characters I don't generaly use, even if I have them, I would need a request to make more. I will still make some items for her even if I don't get a request but they will be few and far between, unless I start using her more.

The 2 textures included (there are only 2) are made by sticking cloths/material in the scanner (my cat secretly hopes I never make a texture for the Zygote I use undercolours to change the colour of the texture without changing the Texture or bump. You will find many alternate colour sets in the Mapps_Materials folder in the materials, sub folder Dynamic_Cloth, this set contains the New sets T-Shirt and Patterens.

These textures are 1200x1200 square tiles and may be used as a market resource to create custom textures for other cloths, you can not however use them "as is" in a market set.

2nd Anniversary Post Part 1 - Ghost

It may seem a little early for Halloween but it is also a little early for my 2nd Anniversary, which is not untill October 14th. last year my Log Cabbin (My 1st Anniversary Freebie Posting) was very popular but there was one complaint. The file vas very large. It was around 45 meg. This caused 2 problems. 1 people with slower connections had a hard time downloading it and it wrecked havoc on my So this year I will be releasing my 2nd Anniversary in parts over the next couple of months. It is a haunted house there will be atleast one part per month in May (this one), June, July, August and the final in September. This way you can use it all month in October. In October I will be re-releasing my 1st Anniversay download (the Log Cabin) for 30 days. All the Items will be put in my "Downloads Special" page on my website and links posted at Renderosity. All wil be Marked as "2nd_Annav_(name)" to show they are part of the set.

2nd Anniversary Freebie Part 2 - The Haunted Tower

This zip contains the Haunted tower and Entryway. It can be used as a standalone item and will also be part of the house when it is finished. The tower will be the corner tower and the entryway will be the side entry into the celler.

The windows of the tower are triple layered, the first layer is the glass, the second is the curtains and the third is the "view" inside. Any image that is 255x500 (or similar dimentions) can be used as the inside view. I recomend a dark picture since the house/tower is 2 rusted nails short of condemed. The tower it's self if used with "new" textures would of cours look shiney and new. I have not included UVMaps with this as there are 33 of them and that would increase the size of the download by quite a bit. As is, it is 9 zipped and 14 meg unzipped.But by looking at the textures in photoshop (my guides are still in the texture) if you display guides it should be all you need. If you would like a set of the UVMaps please feel free to ask for them.

8 HoSM Houses to scale with Poser Figures

I currently working on an old rustic town. It is called the "Hamlet of Sir Michael" or "HoSM" for short all in all it will be about 20+ downloads over the next year. This is the second housing st and approx the 6th in the set. If you wish to get the other sets simply download form Downloads 6 and Downloads & all the items that startwith HoSM. If you are downloaidng from renderosity click "search" in the free section and search HoSM all of the items will come up. The log cabin set is 25 megs and has all the extras for this set (chimneys etc) but you don't need it to use this set. Each set is stand alone and as a result you will find a few overlaping items (mainly textures) such as in this set if you have installed the Log Cabin set then the door Geometry is alredy installed and you can skip the geos folder.

The houses are smart props and are loaded onto the door(s). All 8 are saved as Characters so they will load with the door(s) and be ready to render. In the case of buildings that have 2 doors the one in the front is the main character. Moving the main character will move the entire building. If you click on the house and move it you will leave the doors behind. You must move the group using the main door by selecting the "body" or "frame", if you click and drag on the door it will just open the door.

All limits are set so if you have limits turned on then the doors can be posed by click and drag. If you don't have limits turned on the door can twist of it's hinges so it is better to use the Posing Dial marked "Open". Note also if limits are turned off the dial should be set between 0 and 88 to keep it form going through the walls.

Almost all of the wood textures in this set were shot by yesitis3 at renderosity, with out his help this set would not have the wonderful rustick feeling that it has. Feel free to send him thanks and check out his section on my website. (see below for address).

All the buildings are detaild inside and out, so renders can be done outside looking in or inside looking out. Aswell all of the textures are highres and can be rendered large. the largest render I've done so far is of the Ranch House/Manor and it was 3000x3000. At that size the textures are still clear and you can sees the wood grain in yesitis3's awesome pics.

Enjoy, and happy posering :-)