Mapps Poser Downloads

Characters & Props - Created in Carrara for use in Poser

Morphing Mushroom with 5 Texture Maps Please Note new items add at the bottom of the page.

This zip contains 5 Prop files with the 5 included textures and bumpmaps all ready applied. The mushroom it's self has 3 different morphs that at full value (dial set at 1) will create 4 different mushrooms. The 3 morphs do mix well together and can be used to create more styles (mushroom 2 and 4 together at full value make a realy cute little mushroom). Poser 4 users will need to convert the bump (jpeg format) file to a "BUM" file. Poser 5 users can use the bump as a displacement map (I find a value of .25 on the dial works quite well, larger values did not look good) The mushroom has 1498 verts, this allows it to be shaped very well with magnets or displacement. The textures were created using the "13 mushroom scans" by maskimxul which i downloaded from renderosity in the free section. maskimxul has give me permission to use them in this freebie providing credit is given for the original scans. As such I have included the original readme by maskimxul.

Poser 5 Dynamic Bed or Poser 4 Morphing Bed - Includes Teddybear Figure

This zip contains a 6 Poser 5 pp2s (Should load in poser 4 or pro with no problem) but No textures, the models use simple colours or P5 materials. A morphing prop is included for Poser 4 users, that allows the blankets to be pulled up or down. If you already have (or also download) my free Butterfly Bed, the textures included in that prop will also work on this bed.

A little Teddybear Character has also been included just for the heck of it, he's kinda low-res but he's cute.

Poser 5 users, a pz3 file has been included with all the items loaded and dynamics set as-well-as poses for Michael 2 and Victoria 2 to hop them into the bed. Run Sim_1 first to settle the sheet and then Sim_2 to settle the Blanket. If you have a figure in the bed be sure to turn off "Start Draping from Zero Pose" as this will mess up the dynamic. If you wish the character to be sitting or proped up in the bed start with the included pose and move to the desired pose (5 to 10 frames should be good). If you have not used Dynamics before start with just the scean as is and go from there. A very good pdf on Dynamics is included on the "Content" CD for poser 5 and i do recommend giving it a read.


Revised Blinds - Now they Morph

This zip contains a Poser 5 pp2s (Should load in poser 4 or pro with no problem), No textures and the uv map.

This is a revised version of my earlier blinds which were 3 sets of blinds with no morphs, now it is one blind with aninmated morphs. There are 3 sets of morphs on these Blinds, Slats tilted Forward, Slats tilted Backward and Slats pulled. The Slats tilted morphs can be used with the morph that pulls up the blind so you can have the slats tilted and pulled up, also the slats rotate and pull smoothly so that it can be done as an amimation over several frames. The uv map has been included but no texture map. I am using it using just simple colours.

Corner Room Set

This zip contains 2 Texture Maps , 1 Bump Map, 9 New Poser 5 Materials, 11 Props and a PZ3 file with everything placed. The Small stand has 2 morphs to open the 2 drawers, When loading the Model from the Library for some reason the sensitivity of the morph dials is at a very small number, you may want to change it to .1 which is wat the model in the PZ3 is set to.

Standing Blinds with 8 Posing Morphs

This zip contains 2 Poser 5 pp2s (Should load in poser 4 or pro with no problem), No textures.

Included you will find 2 versions of a standing blind, a Single Pannel (no morphs) and a 3 Pannel that has 8 posing morphs to move the side pannels forward and back. Do Enjoy :-)

Weapon Pac - Poser 5 & Poser 4

This zip contains 12 Weapons usable in Science Fiction or Medeval style picture or whatever you wish. There are 2 Sets; 1 using P5 materials the second using Texture maps With Bump maps in JPG format or simple colours (Most have texture maps).

As well you will find 2 poser files with "bonus" items these are a sheild and sword made in poser using primitives, the PZ3 files include the final model and the base file. The base file is constructed out of primitives and then use magnets to shape them. Feel free to pick them apart to see how they are made as that is what they are for :-) They were exported as object and re-imported to weld the pieces together.

Berry Pie for P4 & P5

This zip contains 2 poser props, one intended for Poser 4+ the other for Poser 5. The texture maps included are tileable images 1024x1024. You may use this images in other projects as well. The pie crust was made scanning a crussant (likley spelt and the berry fill by scanning 5 seperate blueberries and doing a lot of copy Soooooooooo if the berries look a bit repeated thats why :-)

Shelves & Mixing Bowls


This zip contains 5 poser props intended for Poser Pro and Poser 5. The texture maps included are tileable images 1024x1024. You may use this images in other projects as well. Poser 4 users will need to convert the 1 bump jpeg into a bum file, Everything else will work for poser 4.

RPG Style Tent for Poser 4 & 5

This zip contains 1 pz3 file (with the props loaded and placed) and all the textures needed for it and the props library. It is scaled to match the poser characters. The texture maps for the tent and ground have been included the Bump map for the canvas is in JPG format so poser 4 users will need to convert it into BUM format. The ground texture is 2400x2400 so it will withstand close-ups. There are no morphs on the tent but it is high res and takes well to magnets.

Dinning Room Extra Props

Also here is the origial dining set free.

This zip contains 6 Dinning Room Dishes props 1 cerial bowl, 1 Fondu Style Serving Bowl, 1 Fancy Vase, 1 Morphing Bowl (has 7 morphs so realy it is 8 bowls) and 2 Urn Caps (one can also be used as an easter smart proped to the vase. Each item has 2 library entries one with "_DR" at the end and one with "_NODR". In actualality they are the same prop, just that one is set to load textures from my Renderosity Market.

The one with _DR requires the "Dinning Set" from my Renderosity Market for the textures (should release from inspection this week, Aug 23rd). The one with _NODR uses no textures just colours and will load just fine without purchasing the "Dinning Set" they are UV mapped so you can add your own textures to them, after all a freebie should be a freebie :-)

These Dinning Room Extras are true freebies and follow all of my usual limitations. Enjoy Mapps