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Characters & Props - Created in Carrara for use in Poser

CargoDroid - Exo-Suit

This is the second posting of the same figure. The first had some "oopses" like the wrong object file and a bunch of materials listed that did nothing both have been corrected. As well I have added a second cr2 file created by copy and pasting the P5 info into a P4 cr2 (had been a posette cr2 file I downloaded) and deleting the P5 info (nodes and such) it loads fine in 5 and should work in P-Pro, looses the shader effects but otherwise is the same.


Ever wonder what would happen if you cross bred a lava lamp with a iMac (ilamp), this is my best guess. There are 4 different screen maps included in this one covered with dials buttons and such, the second has a steel head (use the disimbodied P4 head coloured metalic and upside down (see below) with the static screen as your back drop picture to create more or different expressions rendered at 640x480 or 1024x768), the 3rd is a shot of my SF Rail Station (Under Construction available soon) and the last is a static green screen (used the Poser 5 electro green stipe Material to create it). Any screen res picture can be used for the screen, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 etc..., there is one catch though, the image will appear upside down for Poser Pro users this means you will have to create a rotated version of the file you wish to use or use one that doesn't matter which way is up. For Poser 5 users just flip your co-ordinates under the texture node. The bubbles around the computer brain/cpu are a smart prop and can be removed if desired or used for other things.

Butterfly Bed

This item has been scaled to be used with the Victoria PT and will need to be enlarged about 115% for Victoria.The butterflies have their own material group and maybe made transparent for use with male figures (the butterflies are kinda sissy for Michael or the PT boy).

All image maps are 1200x1200 tileable textures that may be used with other things.

This zip contains a Butterfly Headboard Bed scalled for Victioria PT. A light wood texture map is currently on the bed and a second darker wood map is included. As well you will find A "Table cloth" texture, trans map and bump map set created by putting my table cloth in the scanner and creating a tile image (Also included). There is a "T-Shirt" texture as well created by sticking a wrinkled Tee-Shirt in my scanner and making a tile image also (Also included). All these images are royalty free and my be used and edited to your hears content.

Chests & Chains


All the items here have been scaled to be used with the Milinium Kids PT and will need to be enlarged about 115% for Victoria or Michael. The Hope Chest and Toy Chest are room items for them, the Chain is a start on a tire swing (still working on the tree and tire.

This zip contains 3 posable props and 2 static props. 1=A Hpoe Chest with posable handles, latch and lid. 2=A Prite Chest or Toy Chest with posable lid. 3=Chain 4 different cr2 with slight differences in them using the same obj. all the links are posable and can be parented one to another to form a long chain. The chain is just painted with glossy colours, the chests have a wood texture map and a second lighter wood map included.

The 2 static props are a stand for both chests (saved as smart props) and a wooden box. Both of these items use the same maps as the chests.

Hardwood Dresser

This zip contains a Poser 5 pp2 (usable with P-Pro and P4 should load as well), 1 texture 1200x1200, a object file with mtl and the uv map as well. The texture is royalty free and my be used and edited to your hearts content.

The object file is included for anyone having trouble loading the poser 5 prop file, if the mtl file is in the same folder as the object file when you import it it will import textured. When importing the object make shure that the only options you have selected are "centered" and "on the floor", as the other options are un-needed and will just take longer to import.

You can check out my web page (see below) to see large renders of the dresser as-well-as a room in the works that the dresser was made for in the PT Victioria section of my web site or check out my gallery image "go ahead laugh...".

A UV Map has also been included.

Kids Room

This zip contains a wack of stuff for Poser 5 (usable with P-Pro and should load for Poser 4 as well). There are 23 props, 2 characters and 20 textures.

Morphing Garden Shed

This zip contains a Poser 5 pp2, No textures, the Object file (and all the object file pieces used to build it) and the uv maps.

The shed should load for any verson of poser 4+ but was saved in 5 format. It has 3 morphs, open left door, open right door and open both doors. For some reason 5 keeps changing the values of the morphs setting the dials to the smallest increments, so if you morph by draging the dials you'll be awhile. I suggest after loading the prop to set the dial to increments or .1 or .05, this will make the morhp much more responsive than the .0001 it keeps changing too.